GLASS Loan Policy

NLS Digital Books and Digital Playback Machines

  1. Braille, cassette and digital books will be loaned by GLASS, without charge, to eligible registered readers.
  2. GLASS will maintain records of all loans of books.
  3. A reader in good standing may have a maximum of 30 books checked out at any one time. Once a reader reaches the maximum number of books, no additional books will be sent until other books are returned. For each book returned, a replacement book will be sent to the reader. In special circumstances, a reader may request an increase in the maximum number of books allowed.
  4. The loan period for books is four weeks. The Library does not charge fines for overdue books. Readers are urged to observe the loan period so books are available to other patrons. From time to time, notices requesting the return of overdue books may be sent to readers.
  5. The loan period for digital magazines is two weeks for weekly magazines and four weeks for monthly magazines. Failure to return magazines in a timely manner will result in suspension of magazine subscription.
  6. There is no limit on the number of NLS produced magazines that a reader may select. However, readers are urged to use discretion in selecting magazine titles so limited resources may be shared among all patrons.
  7. * Individual readers may be loaned one digital player. You may also request a cassette player as long as they are available.

* Institutions may be loaned one piece of equipment for every four eligible individuals.

* Schools may be loaned equipment for the recreational use of eligible disabled students, but not for the ongoing formal educational needs of the students.

  1. Playback equipment and accessories are loaned to readers for as long as they remain active users of the library.

 Responsibilities of Readers

  1. The reader shall notify GLASS of changes of address, phone number, or a desire to cancel service or transfer service to another geographic area.
  2. The reader will ensure that library materials being returned to GLASS by “Free Matter” are delivered into the hands of the U. S. Postal Service by placing them in a mailbox or delivering them to the post office.
  3. Readers may not lend library materials to other persons.
  4. Readers will communicate their specific or general requests for reading materials to the library staff.
  5. Readers shall respond to overdue notices or inquiries sent by GLASS regarding playback equipment in their possession.
  6. The reader will ensure that while in their possession, library material is not abused through neglect or malicious handling. Repeated abuse of library materials may lead to suspension of library service.
  7. In the case of repeated verbal abuse of library staff by a patron, service to that borrower may be suspended by the Library.
  8. If a reader does not borrow a book or magazine within a period of one year, she/he will be considered inactive and library service may be canceled. Subscriptions to direct mail magazines are considered use of library service. Upon cancellation, the reader is required to return all playback equipment and accessories that they have borrowed from the Library.
  9. The reader will return any playback equipment which no longer functions properly to the library for repair or replacement. Under no circumstances should a reader attempt to repair playback equipment or accessories.
  10. In the case of playback equipment which is lost or stolen, the reader must immediately report the incident to the library.

Braille Services

Braille books are provided for GLASS patrons through Utah Braille Services (UBS), and check out for 30 days. Established patrons will contact UBS directly at 1-800-453-4293 to request titles. Patrons requesting Braille books for the first time must contact GLASS at 1-800-248-6701. Patrons who do not borrow at least one title a year may be removed from services and require reinstatement.

Large Print Books and DVD with Descriptive Audio

Large print books and DVDs with descriptive audio are provided to GLASS patrons through a partnership with PINES. These materials check out for a month and can be renewed by request once. Items overdue for more than six months will be treated as lost items and the patron will be charged the cost of the item plus the lending library’s processing fee.

 Reviewed July 2015