BARD Download Instructions

How to Download from BARD

Note: You must have already registered for BARD and logged in for the first time to use BARD. Click here to learn more about BARD registration.

BARD Mobile App

It is recommended to use a WiFi connection if you have a limited data plan.

Note: The video is for the BARD Mobile app for Android, but the iOS app works similarly.

  1. On the BARD app, select “Get Books.”
  2. Go to “Browse BARD.”
  3. Search for a title or DB number.
  4. When you find the book you want, select “Add to my wish list” at the bottom of the book’s listing.
  5. If you’re using an Apple device select “Get Books” on the upper left. On an Android device select “Browse BARD.”
  6. Select your wish list.
  7. Select the title and confirm the download. Android devices will ask where to download the book, with the default being “Audiobooks.”

Downloading To a Cartridge or Flash Drive

Note: Talking books won’t play on a computer, and must be downloaded to your computer and then placed on a flash drive or a blank cartridge.

Downloading Books To Your Computer

  1. Using a computer, login to BARD
  2. Find a book. At the end of the description of each book is a link to download it.
  3. Save the book to the folder of your choice
  4. When the download is complete, unzip the file. On a Mac you simply double click the file. On a PC, you right click the file and select “Extract all.” Your book will now be in a regular file folder near the original file.

Putting Your Book on Your Jump Drive or Cartridge

  1. Right click on the unzipped file folder, and left click on copy. You can also use Control+C.
  2. Plug in your flash drive or cartridge. A box should pop up. Select the option that allows you to view files. If you don’t get a popup, look for your flash drive or cartridge in “My Computer.”
  3. Press Control+V and wait for it to download
  4. Unplug your device and enjoy!

Additional Information

  • You can store more than one book on the same cartridge or flash drive! When you plug it into your player, hold the Play button until it says “Bookshelf.” Then press the fast forward and rewind buttons to flip between your books. Press Play to select a book.
  • BARD books can’t be read on your computer, but you can read Bookshare books on your computer.