Free Bookshare Accounts for GLS Patrons

stylized book pages and the word BookshareAll GLS patrons are eligible for free Bookshare accounts thanks to the GLS partnership with Benetech.

The Bookshare library has over 700,000 accessible titles. The vast online library includes bestsellers, literature, non-fiction, picture books, educational texts, career guides and much more. This resource can be used as a complement to the services currently provided to GLS patrons.

With Bookshare ebooks, members can customize their reading experience in ways that work for them. Members can listen to words read aloud with high-quality text-to-speech voices, read with enlarged fonts, see and hear as words are highlighted, download electronic braille and more.Student at computer showing book with word highlighting

Readers also have their choice of reading device. Bookshare is can be read through a computer browser, on tablets, smart phones, computers, assistive technology devices such as the talking book players, and MP3 players using a variety of free and paid apps.

Registering for Bookshare

A woman wearing headphones smiles and listens to a book on her phone If you’re a GLS patron, call 404-657-1452 or 1-800-248-6701 to ask our Reader Advisors about signing up for Bookshare. If you are not a GLS patron but you have a print disability, download, complete and mail the Individual Application for GLS. On the application is a box to check if you’re interested in Bookshare.

Reading Books

Bookshare member Carson reading and listening to accessible ebookTo read on your computer with text-to-speech and word highlighting, use the Google Chrome browser on PC or Mac or use the Safari browser on Mac. Log in to Bookshare, and find something good to read!

Bookshare is also integrated with several free and pay apps for reading on computers, smartphones and tablets. Use the links below to find the tool that’s right for you.


The GLS YouTube page has the Bookshare playlist featuring videos about using Bookshare. The Bookshare brochure can also be given to interested readers.

For troubleshooting your Bookshare account, check out the Bookshare Help Center. You can also call Bookshare for troubleshooting at 650-352-0198. They’re available from 12 pm to 8 pm.

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