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Webinar Tutorials

Using the Learning Center on Niche Academy, Georgia library staff can find several short webinars covering GLASS on the GPLS Learning Center

Accessible Technology in Public Libraries

The toolkits are available to be checked out by library staff for demonstration and promotional purposes such outreach programming, staff day, and various community awareness events. Kits are transported via courier to any public library in the PINES network, and any library in the state through ILL.

In PINES cataloging search make sure to do an advanced search. Then choose “numeric search”. Change the “Search By” to TCN and then enter the corresponding OCLC number as the identifier.

  • Toolkit for Adult Readers: [assistive technology for adults]OCLC # ocn936379011
  • Toolkit for Young Readers: [assistive technology for children]OCLC # ocn931921561

Each kit contains low- and high-tech devices that you can demonstrate to patrons. When they arrive, their padlock code will be 7-5-3. Be sure to check out the toolkit wiki for item lists and a webinar!

Georgia Public Library Service (GPLS) supplied a suite of assistive technology devices to every public library system in the state. Each system was offered one desktop MagniLinkS video magnifier, two Mobilux Digital Touch portable magnifying devices, one MagniLink Voice “reading machine” and an accessible computer keyboard for each branch in the system. Instructional videos are in a GLASS YouTube playlist. To make in-branch advertising easier, we’ve created an accessible technology flyer that you can use.

A free screen reader for your patrons is NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access). They have guides on their page, and we like the organization of this list of common quick keys.

GLASS Flyers and Sample ADA Compliance Letter

You are welcome to download, print and email our GLASS flyers. If you need print copies of the flyer, contact us. We also made a sample ADA compliance letter you can fill in and post as a reference to your patrons and a reminder to staff.

GLASS-L Mailing List

GLASS-L is an e-mail mailing list for updates on activities at GLASS and for news related to accessible library services. All interested Georgia public library staff members are welcome to subscribe.

GLASS Presentations and Webinars

View and download past presentations from GLASS and the speakers from the Georgia Accessibility Conference.  Anyone can view short, informative GLASS and accessibility videos on the GLASS YouTube channel.

Checklist for Libraries

This document is a handy guide for librarians who wish to discover other services offered by GLASS. It also is a good document to discuss with frontline staff in order to make sure they know what they can offer patrons.

Sign Language Interpretation and Captioning

This page lists several providers of sign language interpretation in Georgia. Also listed are companies providing captioning for live and recorded videos.

Audio Described DVDs

The Audio Description Project lists DVD and Blu-Ray releases that are audio described. They also list TV shows with audio description as well as giving instructions on how to turn it on and off. GLASS patrons can check out audio described DVDs and Blu-Rays through the mail.

GLASS PINES Patron Profile

GLASS and PINES (Public Information Network for Electronic Services) are now working together to provide eligible PINES materials to GLASS patrons via mail using this program. Patrons can receive PINES library cards and receive home delivery for items not traditionally provided by GLASS. Instructions for PINES staff is in the circulation manual here. You can also watch this video on how to set up a GLASS patron profile in Evergreen.

Institutional Application

Public libraries, nursing homes, hospitals, schools for the blind, public and private schools, and college university disability centers may borrow equipment and reading materials for use by eligible patrons in either a group setting or for individual use. The machines may also be used to demonstrate the devices to eligible patrons who may fill out an Individual Application to receive service.


NEWSLINE allows subscribers access to an array of news resources, including audio versions of local, national, and international newspapers, over 40 magazines, local emergency weather reports, job listings, and up to two weeks of TV listings in advance. This resource is free for anyone who can’t read conventional newsprint due to vision loss, dyslexia, or a physical disability.  Subscribers have multiple access options, including: calling using a touch-tone telephone, receiving emailed files to listen to on their talking books machine, or by using the NFB-NEWSLINE® Mobile app for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Respectful Patron Service

The Library Accessibility Tipsheets from the Association of Specialized Government and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASGCLA) is a list, sorted by disability, of advice sheets on how to serve patrons with disabilities. For appropriate language advice there is the NCDJ style guide, created by the National Center on Disability and Journalism. Syracuse University’s Disability Cultural Center’s guide adds euphemisms, discusses reclaiming terms, and gives a few “why’s” regarding language.

GLASS Button

Use the images below as buttons on your website to link to the GLASS webpage!

GLASS logo button to link to GLASS home page
GLASS logo button to link to GLASS home page