Mailing Requests and Returns

Mailing Book Requests

You can mail your book requests to:

GLS Atlanta

One Margaret Mitchell Square, NW

Atlanta, GA 30303

Postage is free if you write “Free material for the blind” in the upper right and leave the envelope unsealed.

You can also email book requests to, or call GLS at  1-800-248-6701.

Returning Items

Books and equipment can be mailed to:

  Georgia Public Library Service
  2872 Woodcock Blvd
  Suite 250
  Atlanta, GA 30341

If you have a talking book player you need to return, start by looking at the box the player came in. The rectangular plastic on the top of the box contains the address card. On one side of the plastic you’ll be able to reach in and pull out the address card. Flip it over and place it back in the rectangular plastic. If you no longer have the box, call GLS at 1-800-248-6701 and we can send one to you.

For braille materials, the side of the case they came in will have a plastic covering on the side. Behind this is the address card, which should be removed and flipped over before returning your books.

Mailing Label

If you need a replacement mailing label, you can click here for a return mailing label.