Other Useful Information

Other Free or Low Cost Resources

Most of the services on this page do require certification that the reader has a print impairment. GLS patrons receive National Library Service (NLS) certification, which satisfies the requirement of most of these programs.

Holy Books


Provides multiple holy books in different formats. Use is free for GLS patrons.

Braille Bibles International

Provides The Holy Bible in braille, audio and large print formats to meet the needs of readers with print impairments. Different versions of the Bible are available.


American Printing House for the Blind (APH)

APH offers hundreds of products designed for people of all ages who are blind and visually impaired including recorded editions of Readers Digest and Newsweek magazines. The magazines are available at no cost to eligible readers.



NFB-NEWSLINE is a free service for news, job postings, store advertisements and more. Georgia citizens who have a print disability can use a touch-tone telephone to access timely information concerning our communities, cities, nation and the world. There is also an app for those using iOS devices so you can read the news on your Apple device.

GaRRS: Georgia Radio Reading Service

GaRRS is dedicated to bringing the best in contemporary literature, periodicals, and newspapers to the visually challenged. They also cover some local news and other subjects of interest. The service is free for Georgia residents with a print disability.



Bookshare’s collection includes a number of textbooks. GLASS patrons can call 404-657-1452 or 1-800-248-6701 to receive a code for a free account.

Learning Ally

Eligible persons with print disabilities can receive textbooks in braille, audio or large-print.



Persons with print impairments may download books, textbooks and newspapers in their browser or on their device. E-books are text-to-speech, audio, or electronic braille. Many display text of the book on a computer screen, highlighting words as they are read aloud. GLASS patrons can receive free Bookshare accounts regardless of age. Call us at 800-248-6701 for more information or read our Bookshare page.


Free public domain audiobooks which can be downloaded or played on your computer.

Your Local Library

Many public libraries offer downloadable e-books through Overdrive or Georgia Download Destination (GADD). Public libraries also have access to GALILEO. GALILEO contains several reference databases which provide text-to-speech audio of articles and abstracts. With eRead Kids, a digital library available through all public libraries in the state of Georgia, young readers have access to almost 15,000 electronic books and audio books.

Tools for Everyday Life

Currency Reader

The U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing provides free currency readers for legal residents who are blind or visually impaired. You can find English and Spanish versions of the currency reader application on their site. For a paper application to be mailed to you, call 1-844-815-9388.