Volunteer Policy

Volunteers play a very important role in providing library services to Georgia’s citizens with print disability. Volunteers assist with the daily work of delivering quality library service to GLS patrons. Opportunities for volunteering are designed to match a volunteer’s skills, interests and schedule. The Volunteer coordinator will work with the volunteer to develop a schedule based on the library’s operating hours, for weekly or monthly commitments and for one-time projects. Most work is done on site at the library and volunteers are requested to record their hours of service in the Volunteer Log.

The following volunteer opportunities are available at GLS:

  • Patron Assistants assist GLS patrons on site with small projects such as filing, internet searches, correspondence, application completions and similar tasks that are sometimes a challenge for persons with print disability. Patience, confidentiality, good listening and computer skills, and the willingness to work with people with varying levels of disabilities are required.   
  • Office Assistants work with GLS staff to provide library services to GLS patrons by answering the telephone, filing and other clerical duties. Confidentiality, good listening, and computer skills, and the willingness to work with people with varying levels of disabilities are required.   
  • Instructors provide instructions in assistive technology and other subject matters that are beneficial to GLS patrons and the overall delivery of services at GLS. Interested instructors should present ideas for programs and classes to the volunteer Coordinator in writing for consideration. Proficiency in the subject matter and the willingness to work with GLS is necessary.
  • Special Events/Programs Volunteers provide assistance to staff and patrons at large events or special programs. This allows volunteers to serve on a one time basis at an event or program that is of special interest the volunteer.
  • Recording Booth Volunteers The GLS recording Program records books and magazines about Georgia and by Georgia authors. The recordings are done in a sound-proof recording booth at the library. There are three volunteer positions available in the recording program: Reviewers, Monitors and Narrators.
    • Reviewers make the final edits to recording projects to remove extraneous noises and to find any other mistakes that were missed during the recording session. Training is provided in the use of specialized recording software. Good hearing, exceptional listening and computer skills are necessary.
    • The Monitor operates the recording equipment as the narrator reads the material. Training is provided in the use of recording equipment. The monitor maintains quality control during recording sessions and has the narrator make corrections when mistakes are made. Good hearing, exceptional listening and computer skills are necessary.
    • Narrators must pass an audition before being added to the library’s roster as a narrator. A clear and distinct voice, the ability to sustain energy over a long period of time and to read in a conversational manner is required.

Volunteers are expected to conduct themselves as if employed at GLS and must adhere to policies and practices of GLS. Volunteers can be released from volunteer service at any time at the discretion of GLS.

To become a volunteer for GLS potential volunteers must fill out a Volunteer Application and a signed Confidentiality Agreement Form. The library may not accept every volunteer application. The Volunteer Coordinator contacts applicants for interviews. If you have questions or want more information, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 404-657-1452 or 1-800-248-6701. You may also e-mail: gls@georgialibraries.org

Reviewed December 2021